Rush Limbaugh lies about global warming

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On his March 25 broadcast, Rush Limbaugh stated for the umpteenth time that global warming is a hoax:

"I mean a global warming advocate is as wrong as anybody could be about anything, folks. It's a hoax. There is no man-made global warming. It has been thoroughly debunked. The fact that it's a hoax has been proven, by them. E-mails that were uncovered at East Anglia University in Great Britain show that they worked together to perpetuate the hoax, that they lied about data, that they eliminate data that contradicted their political belief. So you'd have to assume from that that they are political advocates disguised as scientists who are purposely engaging in misinformation."

Audio NASA says: ample evidence that warming trend is human-induced

Limbaugh is referring to emails which were hacked at a university in Great Britain in 2009. Quotes from those emails have been selectively presented in the conservative media in order to make it sound as if climate change were a massive conspiracy by scientists. For example, one email was widely quoted as saying "hiding the decline," but the context (which was withheld) was that the "decline" referred to was actually relating to data from tree rings--not temperature. The leak of these emails was timed to coincide with an international climate accord meeting in Copenhagen in order to disrupt discussion of climate change. In 2011, a second batch of emails from the same hack was released just before a United Nations climate summit in South Africa. Again, the emails revealed scientists speaking candidly about their research but provided absolutely no evidence disproving global warming.

It's very likely that Rush Limbaugh knows that the East Anglia emails revealed no "hoax" or massive deception. This savvy businessman also knows after decades in right wing talk radio that his listeners are not very intelligent. Over the past few years, Limbaugh has claimed that the heat index was "manufactured by the government and that the use of air conditioning has caused people to believe in global warming because they feel warmer when they step outside. He even claimed, after temperatures in Boston fell one degree short of breaking an 85 year-old record high in 2011, that missing the record was evidence that global warming was simply part of the liberal agenda.

Limbaugh's absurd conspiracy theories and comical "explanations" fail to acknowledge what real, professional scientists all over the world believe.

NASA says there is ample evidence the the current warming trend is "human-induced and proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented in the past 1,300 years." Sea levels are rising, global temperature and ocean temperatures are rising, and ice sheets and glaciers are shrinking.

Climate change is a trend which no serious person who believes in facts and evidence can deny. But of course that description doesn't fit Rush Limbaugh.

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