Rush Limbaugh lies about the Food Stamps Program

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It probably isn't a news flash that Rush Limbaugh is a douchebag.  But today the nation's richest talk radio host took aim at the nation's poorest people, falsely smearing them for using food stamps to buy alcohol:

"Enrollment..... in food stamps..... is..... skyrocketing......  Now, theoretically we're in an economic recovery.  I'm saying 'theoretically.' The, thub media, and look, ub, in the, in the, realm of low-information voters, we're in a recovery, right?  To low-information voters - pay attention only to the mainstream media and and the Obama-loving Twitter universe, we're in a recovery.  Well, that ought-a cause... a reduction... in food stamp rolls, and it always has. In the past when-e economy was growing, enrollment in such programs like, like, the food stamp program decline.

Supplemental.... Nutritional..... Assistance..... Program, the buy-beer-program-with-the-government-credit card........ program.  Those participants usually decrease in number; Not happening. As our economy continues into recovery (ahem), the food stamp rolls are increasing.  Now, I know, the economy isn't, in recovery, so it sort of blows thee..... the theory."

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The problem with Limbaugh's barb?  Like much of what issues forth from his portly pie hole, it's an absolute fabrication, intended solely to make poor people look like irresponsible drunks.  The old "they deserve their hard life, the bums" argument.

Take a look at the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (AKA "food stamps") eligible food items list and you'll see there is a list of prohibited items, the first line of which is "beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, or tobacco":

Households CANNOT use SNAP benefits to buy:

    Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes or tobacco;

Any nonfood items, such as:

      --    pet foods;
      --    soaps, paper products; and
      --    household supplies.

Vitamins and medicines.

Food that will be eaten in the store.

Hot foods.

Note that the list does include medicines, which means you have to buy your own OxyContin.  Which is pretty easy when you have a $400 million contract for bashing poor people on the public airwaves.  

Triva: Guess how many times he said program?
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