Rush Limbaugh Lies about Guns

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Today Rush Limbaugh claimed that "liberal" concern over America's rampant gun violence was a ploy to take away 2nd amendment rights:

"Remember, Never let, an imagined... crisis... go to waste. So here we have... a totally made up crisis....................... In fact, I'll bet ya, it's kinda like global warming."

Tell that to the families of Sandy Hook, Rush.

Limbaugh was echoing a right wing misinformation campaign that misreads Justice Department data showing a drop in gun deaths between 1993 and 2011.

People like Limbaugh are using the report to argue that there is no need for gun reform in the U.S. You know, because we don't have a problem with people shooting each other.

A detailed analysis of the issue by Media Matters explains how disengenuous the claim is:

"Gun availability has been repeatedly linked to higher incidence of firearm homicides, and firearms remain the driving factor of homicides, with 70 percent of murders involving guns. According to an October 2012 report from BJS, the rate of serious violent crime declined 75 percent between 1993 and 2011, meaning that gun homicides are declining at a slower pace than overall crime.

Other factors may help explain the fall of gun crime since the early 1990s including reductions in lead levels, the end of the crack epidemic, advances in medicine that allow more gunshot victims to survive their wounds, and a declining rate of gun ownership."

Limbaugh's argument also fails to mention that after peaking in the mid 90s and declining for a few years, gun deaths have been steadily rising for the past fifteen years, and are on pace to exceed motor vehicle deaths within the next 2 years:

Trends aside, anyone who thinks our nation's present day gun homicide rate isn't a problem--at nearly 20 times higher than that of other other high-income countries --is either delusional, or on the NRA's payroll.

Full Audio here, quote begins near end of clip

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